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A day of reverie, relaxation, and celebration as the trend of abating wind and
seas that began a few days prior continued all the way to flat calm. No wind, no
seas; merely a gentle, long interval swell from far, far away to compliment the
three day run to the north. We could not ask for more.

Throughout the day new legends were born as moments of glory were re-visited in
the form of countless digital photos and videos downloaded to various notebooks
along for the ride. I had the chance to review a number of images myself every
one of which beckoned a memory I fondly appreciate.

A voyage to Clipperton is of a special nature, one that requires far more of the
boat and her equipment, the crewmen, the Captain, and of course the anglers
themselves. For this reason success in this realm carries a flavor of triumph
particularly gratifying. It is no place for the faint of heart; extreme fishing
would be an understatement when describing Clipperton atoll at its best.

And that is the exact description I would assign to what we all just experienced
over the past week at Clipperton isle. Nothing I have ever seen or done beyond
this magical, minuscule isle in the middle of nowhere compares. No doubt I have
seen extraordinary fishing for giant yellowfin in many forms in many places,
that aspect of Clipperton is not exclusively original. It is the setting, the
nature; the competitive ferocity of all things that swim, fly, or crawl is
astounding. One sees and experiences things at Clipperton that are a page from
the distant past; the world as it was in prehistoric times. This atoll, this
voyage is about adventure. The rewards, the treasures, when revealed, are like
none other.

We glide into day two of travel now well rested and satisfied. The trick now is
to become well settled. There is no way to characterize the run up as anything
other than long and tedious. The fun is over, the battle was won, now the
victors, ready to claim their victory by sharing with the world, must wait. Two
more full days of travel serve to remind us all of why Clipperton isle retains
its magic. It is a destination forbidden to but very few. I'm glad of it.

Long time Royal Star veteran and huge supporter of the Revillagigedo tagging
project Don Franks receives photo honors today with this Clipperton 185 he
dominated on the "big gear" - kind of. I have to say that even Don had to
recalibrate his notion of what was on the end of his line down here. This fish
was a classic example. For a long while he had it figured that this was a
bruiser easily larger than the coveted two hundred pound mark. When it came over
the rail Don's exuberance was mixed with comical disbelief about the lack of
bulk in this seasoned scrapper. Stock Clipperton; I watched it all go down and
turned away with a beaming, mile wide smile. You earn them down here, big time.

Tim Ekstrom

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