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We slacked off here today with a meager four over the two hundred mark deflating our bubble
to more "normal" proportions. Of course there were a few other chances we failed to make
good on, but the vast majority of missed opportunities over the past three days were the
result of hooks pulling; nothing to be done about that, and no use lamenting. We
begrudgingly accept the inevitable percentage of hooks tearing loose actually finding a
little solace in loss of a big fish to this calamity. A pulled hook assigns no blame, it is
simply poor luck.

But presently there is really no poor luck here to speak of. This has been exceptional
fishing, with exceptional fishermen, in perhaps the most exceptional giant yellowfin tuna
arena on the planet. We are all smiles and rightly so. With two more days to target giant
yellowfin tuna in this heavenly destination we are experiencing a rare level of fishing
bliss. Everything a fisherman can ask for is presently here and now. We are living the

Speaking of living the dream photo number one today features long range legend Garry "Big
Fish" Sato in fighting form, pulling on a bona fide giant on the bow. The man talks the
talk then walks the walk among the best; his products are field tested, proven, and on the
cutting edge. There is a reason we call him "Big Fish" - he gets 'em.

And speaking of gettin' 'em, among this veteran group I almost can not utter that phrase
without mentioning Jack West. After fishing with Jack for at least seventeen years I never
cease to be amazed by the consistency with which he captures trophy yellowfin in these
waters. He is uncanny, with a knack for fishing the right bait at the right time on the
right gear. As for the other half of the battle again Jack's results speak for themselves.
An incredible angler, and even more incredible individual, here is Jack with one of his
three beauties of the trip - so far. It is paradise here at preset - fisherman's paradise.

Tim Ekstrom

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