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We observed a lot of white today, and not the desired white of shearwater bellies and terns; steep, white
capped "razor backs", white frothing collapsing wave crests, and long, snaking streaks of wind blown
foam. While not the ideal offshore looking conditions by any standard we took the unfavorable condition
in stride rolling and yawing on the long downwind tack unperturbed, and actually entertained, by Nature's
magnificent theater.

But for trolling jigs dragging, sonars clicking, and our eyeballs ever scanning the tumultuous blue plane
little more could be accomplished in the way of fishing; though we did not end the day skunked. One lone
eight pound yellowtail pounced on a jig as we cruised by his miniature kelp haven hitching a quick ride
to the rail to then be released encumbered with alien tales from above.

Otherwise the day passed without incident chewing up hours and miles enroute to the far away stones
below. As I suggested yesterday our offshore plans are on the back burner for now as we focus on anchored
production first while maintaining a close watch on the forecast wind and sea conditions. When it breaks
so will we heading out in search mode motivated by the prospects unknown. Tomorrow will introduce many of
our group new to long range the majesty and enigma of Alijos Rocks. Perhaps some fine fishing will round
out the equation.

Tim Ekstrom


Posted: 09:01:48


And in we plunge with wild news rampant and raging on the waterfront distracting no more; we are out, we
are fishing, we are focused, and mighty glad of all three. And the best immediate news is that the
forecast butt kicking we were braced for did not occur. For certain there was some rockin' and rolling,
but far less than expected, and nothing more than what we take as a matter of course.

Following departure and a quick, easy baiting we set a heading for the famed Alijos rocks with grand
designs of being "The One"; that is the one to break the ice with the first significant offshore
tuna/albacore catch of the 2012 summer season. One isn't going to do it, far from it in fact, but even
one we'll take hoping that it leads to many others.

With a rather unpleasant weather forecast tomorrow I suspect the fishing effort will be limited to a set
course line favoring downwind. If we run across them along the way we'll make good on the opportunity,
otherwise we'll bid our time waiting for a more favorable weather picture later in the trip to prospect
offshore. At the very least there are some interesting zones on the water charts and encouraging overall
structure. As this is the transitional time of year anything can happen. Daily, from the bridge reports
henceforth begin.

Tim Ekstrom

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