Fish Report for 11-26-2018

Getting Started

Tim Ekstrom

On our way southwest to “Clarion North” opting to begin this voyage with a little big tuna fishing before venturing further in search of trophies and variety. In light of recent reports from the far southern reaches we are cautiously optimistic about this decision. To say the least time is on our side. This being a 12/15 day Let’s Talk Hookup sponsored voyage rail time will be in abundance as we ply the seas from the island west to the lower banks in search of this year’s yet elusive Giant Yellowfin. All things in our control are currently in order as we prepare for the fishing soon to begin. Reports and photos will now resume as the voyage unfolds.

Today’s photo is a grab from the last voyage I was at the helm a couple of weeks prior. Gary Vincent does the honors with Captain Paul Caramao and Gary’s beautiful, 90 pound class, Guadalupe Yellowfin.


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