Fish Report for 11-27-2018

Good Ones

Tim Ekstrom

We’ve got a start here finding what we are looking for right out of the gates and achieving fair success. While we have enjoyed a long stretch less local interference they were back en fuerza today converting what would/could have been into far less. In this case it is definitely geographic. Suffice it to say that we now have a very good idea of where they are, and where they aren’t. We’ve got a lot of time and a wealth of options - that’s the good news.

The grade is fantastic. Plenty of chances at yellowfin in the 90 - 150 pound class established the reason we chose this route. Making good on the opportunities is now the challenge. In good weather and primo conditions we intend to do just that. Photo today features Brandon Buono representing Let’s Talk Hookup this voyage with one of his two dandy yellowfin tuna landed today. This one ran the gauntlet and weighed in at 166 pounds following one heck of a battle. Many of you may recognize Brandon from Fisherman’s Landing Tackle where he regularly dispenses advice and tips on gear. As you today’s image demonstrates he is well qualified. Congrats!

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