Fish Report for 11-29-2018


Tim Ekstrom

Good fishing for 60 - 90 pound yellowfin tuna at the island today with a few shots at bigger models that we were unable to convert into success. At least two or three bested the 100 pound mark but those that are still swimming were much larger. The blessed island lived up to its full billing offering protection from some nasty weather on the outside that would have been mighty unpleasant to fish in. As it was we enjoyed a comfortable ride fixed to the bottom while a stiff breeze served as a constant reminder of our good fortune.

Day’s end found us tucked up tight against the island snug, secure, and content. In light of the conditions it was a pleasure that can not be overstated. Tomorrow is a new day. As fishing time for us is still in abundance we’ll hang tight for at least another day before considering other options. Photo today features Royal Star veteran Stanley Koh and his beautiful 162 landed a couple of mornings prior.

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