Fish Report for 11-30-2018

Picture Perfect

Tim Ekstrom

Another good run at ‘em here today though we had to wait them out until the afternoon. A couple of morning tours along the edge confirmed their presence en masse. There are a lot of these beautiful fish here; schools that rival some of those offshore bluefin spots that we’ve seen of late up above. Overall we are getting shots at a minuscule fraction of of what is around.  Less some dramatic change in conditions there is no indication that they’re looking to move on. That bodes very well for upcoming voyages.

While I mentioned it yesterday the fact that we are fishing protected in the huge lee of this island made all the difference again today. Holding on to our hats the wind snorted and howled all day to little effect other than our anchor dragging along the bottom one time. When struck all enjoyed a comfortable ride and the catching of 60 - 100# yellowfin that came with it. Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran Riggs Smith with this picture perfect 100# class, Guadalupe yellowfin tuna.

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