Fish Report for 4-15-2019

Maintenance update

Tim Ekstrom

It has been awhile since any updates as we've been toiling away repairing and improving our beloved Royal Star. Things are going along fine. As of now we are on schedule to complete all of our projects by the first sailing date of April 26th. 

On the admin front there are some great opportunities on the local yellowtail grounds and for Bluefin offshore. I expect that these opportunities are only going to improve as we move into next month and beyond. To this end we have much availability on the upcoming 3 day trips over the weekends in late May and early June. These voyages are ideally suited to take advantage of both coastal and offshore fishing wherever the fish show. And, as a reminder to those new to Royal Star, all of our advertised fares are ALL INCLUSIVE. No additional charges for Visas, permits, taxes, etc. will be encountered when you arrive for your voyage.

If you have and questions about upcoming trips now is an ideal time to call. Randy, Brian, and I are available to answer your inquiries through April 26th. Today's image features a classic from the boat yard as Randy, Brian, and Chef Cameron all prepare the boat for launch. When it comes to maintenance we all pitch in!


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