Fish Report for 8-9-2019

Premium Quality

Tim Ekstrom

An easy ride up carefree with a booming catch of beautiful, Guadalupe yellowfin resting in the hatch. Yet another distinct feature of the outside island is the incredible quality of the tuna and yellowtail that we harvest. The fat content and flavor of the fish out there is in a class of its own. Delicious is an understatement. Whatever the reason - abundant local forage, water temp, etc. the result is amazingly consistent. And this run is no different. 

Already sampling the goods as the main course in several meals during this voyage I confidently report that the pattern still holds. Residing in our RSW tanks is an abundance of the most incredible fresh yellowfin tuna and yellowtail waiting to be shared among family and friends for much time to come. Every one of these tuna was dressed (gilled and gutted), handled with professional attention, then placed in the constantly maintained 30 to 31 degree Fahrenheit seawater tanks to ensure that anglers receive their product in signature fresh Royal Star premium condition. The little details make all the difference. And that difference is impossible for Royal Star anglers to miss when enjoying the fruit of their labors long after voyages return.

Speaking of returning tomorrow is the day. Many thanks to Izorline for sponsoring this always successful, Summer seven day run. We head back out for a quick four day, offshore adventure with Fish Captain Randy Toussaint behind the helm. Look for his wordy reports to follow. Final voyage photo features long time Royal Star veteran and friend Gary Hunt with a beauty from the outside perfectly representing the essence of fishing long range. This fishery is in a class of its own…

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