Fish Report for 11-7-2019


Tim Ekstrom

Running south toward tradional fall fishing grounds sees us leaving an ocean full of fish, beautiful grade bluefin and yellowfin tuna, behind. It's an odd feeling; but one that has almost become the new normal as our local seasons have regularly extended into November and even December for the past several years. I mentioned it before and am sticking with my belief that the local bluefin and yellowfin will likely last well into the end of this, and perhaps even next month. If that is the case look for a few Royal Star short trips in the 1 1/2 - 3 day range to come on line. We are ready!

Speaking of ready the annual Ventura County Anglers group is ready and rarin' to go preparing tackle all day as we ploughed south in search of long range exotics on the front end of this run. Look for reports and images documenting the fun to follow. Photo today is a grab from the Dave Itano/ISSF archives for which we are always grateful. Enjoy!

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