Fish Report for 11-23-2019


Tim Ekstrom

A bait making mission first became another highly memorable yellowtail hit featuring beautiful 30 - 54 pound class fish. Though the overall numbers weren’t large the setting and opportunity certainly was. Big shouldered, perfectly proportioned yellows got activated on our bait ploughing the surface in cavernous troughs beckoning the surface “pluggers” whom took full advantage. What a show; and what a setting. Perfect hardly does it justice. It was that good. And the bait fishing was first rate; an aside I know but significant nevertheless. After the mid morning/early afternoon hit we easily topped off every available space with perfect “beach” greenies then moved up the coast hopscotching a few fruitless spots along the way. 

An abundance of time and perfect conditions called for a long shot at days end. Anchoring a long forgotten night spot well off the beaten path we aimed high hoping for a hit again on big yellows and perhaps white sea bass. One never knows unless they try. Photo today features Royal Star veteran Larry Hanson with a personal best 50.2 pound yellowtail landed mid morning!

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