Fish Report for 11-24-2019


Tim Ekstrom

The yellowtail scenic tour continued poking and prodding our way up the coast wetting our lines along the way. In primo weather - flat calm, the day passed in fine style. And, much to our delight, we did a little catching along the way. No big barn burners again but we scratched at fine grade yellowtail in the 22 - 30 pound class. Not really in the market for big volume production today fit the bill. That said we are definitely in the market for a few more in this size class. Perfect eaters these yellowtail compliment any catch, and every table, far beyond the conclusion of our magic time on the water. As such we’ll give it one final go tomorrow before the embarking on the last travel leg up the line.

Today’s image captured the essence to perfection. Look at this big dude. A fish of this proportion, in this setting for Royal Star veteran Craig Walker, precisely represents why Craig, and countless other anglers, venture voyages long range. The chance of an angling achievement this memorable is always real. 

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