Fish Report for 11-26-2019


Tim Ekstrom

Easy cruisin’ heading up enjoying the final day at sea amongst many long time, sincere friends. So goes another tremendously successful Island Tackle sponsored voyage courtesy of Co-Owner Sam De La Torre who joined us on this run. A mix of fall variety that perfectly represents the incredible advantages these voyages boast, and why they are so attractive, we return laden with beautiful product that compliments the immeasurable value of the fishing itself. 

Time is precious; as is the opportunity to spend it as one wishes. When those choices are so strongly validated it sets an individual right at a deeply profound level. Those ancient primal callings are still within us, far closer to the surface in some than others; nothing like some hardcore catching to assuage the need. Of course the joy of youth is unlocked in the richly gratifying moments of angler versus quarry too. I’d venture that calling is actually far more compelling to most anglers today than satisfying bloodlust. 

Before I go too far off the deep end though I remind all Royal Star anglers that our dedication to delivering on and exceeding your expectations does not waiver. The overall success of your vacation experience, in whatever form it takes, is what we are committed to. To that end we graciously thank this fantastic group of individuals for sharing the time at sea with us during this run. Nothing exceeds the professional and personal satisfaction that we receive from a voyage so successful. We all return beaming with the pride that only comes with job well done. Congrats to every angler on board all of whom added to the positive 24/7. 

Final voyage photo features the man himself Sam De La Torre in action on the bow. This is the quintessential long range moment - sundown, pulling on a big yellowfin on the bow; there is nothing like it.


Look for more information about the upcoming trips as the narrative and photos continue over the next few days. Until then enjoy the holiday among family and friends. From all of us at Royal Star Happy Thanksgiving!!

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