Fish Report for 9-9-2020

Night train

Tim Ekstrom

Following a full day of mixed pace action on bluefin in a size range across the board (25-150's) most were ready to call it a night after some full hearted flat falling well into the darkness. Then they hit us. Like a freight train. For an hour plus it was every drop, every cast. The vast majority of those landed were 80-100#'s. To call the opportunity, the setting, epic would barely capture the essence. Foremost there is nothing like night fishing for big tuna. It boasts a flavor that no other rec fishing can match. Add the pace of the affair and wow. This is what we come for. Speaking of which there is no better angler and Royal Star friend to demonstrate the above mentioned. This 157 is exactly what master Royal Star angler Jose Arellano came for!

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