Fish Report for 9-11-2020

Picture perfect

Tim Ekstrom

If there is anyway a voyage could end on a higher note I can't think of it. An incredible run on jumbo bluefin in the 140 - 278 pound class treated this stellar group of individuals to a day indelible in it's grandeur. This was the real deal. 

And with that we called it a voyage triumphant in every metric of success. Weather, variety, quality, quantity, timing - every single gift we asked for was provided. Once in awhile it happens. For this veteran group of anglers, many of whom have been fishing on this voyage every year for the past twenty years plus, this providence was well earned. Though this voyage has certainly been wildly successful in years past these guys and gals have endured a few less than stellar outings too. It comes around. This time in a huge way. I'll share plenty of images beginning today and extending to future voyages. There are too many that are too good not to share. Today long time friend and Royal Star angler George Alfaro got the one he's been looking for. This gorgeous, 278 pounder will grace a lot of tables for some time. And the memory - good for a lifetime. 

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