Fish Report for 9-19-2020

South Start

Tim Ekstrom

Off to a good start heading south on the front leg of the journey before making the decision to continue down or flip around. As before the variables are many. Weather, timing, production, information - all combine to build the picture. Then comes the one big, make or break swing. Bluefin glory, bluefin bust, or a trip to the southern zone? Time will tell. Some good fishing fortune early will certainly assist the decision. A wealth of beautiful product in the RSW tanks is a calming influence to be sure. 

But with or without the trip marches on. Beginning tomorrow’s fishing on the beach we’ll see how things proceed. From an angler perspective we are already batting 1.000. Hosting the annual “Redneck Rodeo” this combined group of anglers novice and salty together always create the best of times. Look for reports and images to continue. Today’s shot is a grab from a couple of voyages prior. Royal Star angler Alan Beneze does the honors with this 160 pound class Bluefin tuna

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