Fish Report for 9-21-2020

Blue Planet

Tim Ekstrom

Though it did not include a banner day of catching it was a great day of fishing. Amidst “Blue Planet” scale sign we spot fished 18 to 25 pound class yellowtail in fierce competition for massive schools of sardines. Between thousands of dolphins, seabirds of all species, sea lions, and whales the yellows had their work cut out for them. Spread out in small packs over a vast area so did we. The catching amounted to a few here, and a few there as fast moving schools flashed through, grabbed a few jigs or baits, then continued the pursuit of local forage. Overall they added up. And from a scenic standpoint the day was spectacular; vintage unspoiled Southern coastal Baja in all its glory. Throw in warm sunshine, light breeze, and calm seas and the picture was complete. 

Taking all into account we pointed north at days end opting for Bluefin and premium quality local yellowfin on the back end of this run. Current info from above indicates real deal action on both. Making the run up in fine weather our eyes will be open on the trek across. But it appears that the real prizes await above. Enjoy today’s image featuring Royal Star angler Chip Gosnell with a fine grade yellowtail taken in the days final moments.

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