Fish Report for 9-25-2020


Tim Ekstrom

Boy did  the glory days end aburptly, Our not so bold move to the north targeting action fishing and better weather succeeded on one of the two fronts. The weather was great. The fishing not so much. And, courtesy of the US Navy, we treated our anglers to a six hour small fish tour rather than be an active target ourselves. Then, after we returned to the afternoon glory zone, they were gone. Taking the drubbing in stride we headed in confident in our banner catch already resting in the RSW tanks. Two bluefin tuna over 300 pounds and just shy of forty from one fifty to one ninety, along with a nice slug of yellowtail from down below and those 50 - 70 pound class yelllowfin, and our trip was in the banner category regardless of today's results. An easy ride in with the building sea and swell astern put the finishing touch on the 2020 "Redneck Rodeo" run. Many thanks to charter master Rob Duby for herding cats this year; and to all the bold anglers on board. Departing forth on another seven day adventure tomorrow rest assured that the Royal Star tradition or targeting primos will be carried forward. Final voyage photo features this dandy, 217 with a few of the guys, Joe, Rob, and Jeff sharing the spotlight

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