Fish Report for 10-7-2020


Tim Ekstrom

Action packed afternoon in several bursts that restored the feel of getting bit in every way. In fact, during the three best stops of the day it was impossible to not get bit. Lot's of color, lot's of speed, lots of frantic, yet controlled, yankin' and crankin'. In stark contrast to their bluefinned cousins the school size yellowfin certainly made an imrpession. That said they didnt't make much of a dent in the well. Most were released in favor of bigger and better days ahead. Continuing the game plan tomorrow will be spent on the beach targeting yellowtail, variety, and good working conditions. Enjoy today's image of long time Royal Star veteran's and friends Rolf and Kim Kuchlenz with an epic his and hers moment. The first of its kind that I remember Rolf and Kim landed their 170 and 155 side by each two days prior. It is no cliche to say this was the moment they came for. Congrats!

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