Fish Report for 11-15-2020


Tim Ekstrom

A pleasant ride down enjoying time apart from the drum of poison flooding today's airwaves. We're Americans foremost my friends. Let us hold dear what we cherish the most. Freedom. Which is exactly what 21 anglers on board are currently engaged in. They left their tribe behind in favor of the individual pursuit of happiness. A little food for deeper thought today. I hope it sinks in. 

Meanwhile the boys and I continued to tinker with the boat assuaging her little fit with some critical thinking and elbow grease. Getting her tip top throughout the day much time and effort was also dedicated to rigging and tackle preparation for what is to come. Beginning on the deep blue we have the full suite of options beckoning. Enjoy the photo today prior to yesterday's image. Out of sequence this is a savory moment for any angler to view alongside the shot from the 11/14 report



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