Fish Report for 11-16-2020


Tim Ekstrom

Primo conditions - flat calm, perfect current, and ideal temperatures were the foundation for a successful first go at 'em. While I can not report that we maximized the full potential of the opportunity available, pure horsepower was the sole determining factor, a great time was had by all. And that's what matters. Taking all into account spreading the bounty over a couple of days, if they continue to bite, isn't all that bad. We've abundant time to ply the waters beyond this zone. Why not savor this unbeliveable grade of yellowtail one more night? 

Throw in a few wahoo and an incredible display of an ocean alive and the decision makes itself. "Don't leave 'em to find 'em". We'll honor the timeless axiom and see if the trend continues. Photo today features Royal Star legend Jack West who pulled away from his deer stand to swing at a few west coast game fish. Here is the man with one of his several 40 pound grade yellows landed before the main event began.



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