Fish Report for 11-17-2020

Main event

Tim Ekstrom

We picked and scratched throughout the day whittling away the time in anticipation of the main event. The night time yellowtail action has been epic to say the least. As it turned out most anglers appetite for these beautiful, 35-50 pound yellows was satisfied the previous night. And in adherence to what I regularly encourage they opted out of taking more than they "need". How refreshing. Although I have to admit that I struggle with thought of not slamming the bastards when they are so willing and available. We'll get 'em the next time, or not. The single most salient objective - our anglers satisfaction in whatever form they choose was achieved; on to the next species and a venue change now. Variety, quality, sufficient quantity, and scenery when possible; thus far we're on the right track. But we've a long ways to go. Enjoy today's image of long time master angler on a busman's holiday Dave Sumethasorn with a nice skinny he picked off on the straight fluorocarbon and a flyline sardine.

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