Fish Report for 12-9-2020


Tim Ekstrom

A couple of handfuls of beautiful “skinnies” including two bona fide trophies went into the hatch before we dedicated the afternoon to jumbo yellowfin tuna. In that department we came up short. Not that the zone was bereft of sign; plenty were seen and showed themselves touring around the boat subsurface and rising occasionally to slurp a bait or two for all to hear and see. 

I mention the audible side that is often overlooked or simply does not register as a component of the stimuli in this setting. Today was particularly calm and the current had many anglers working the rail on the bow or far up the side. Away from the noise of the generator exhaust it is amazing how clear and distinct the sound of a “boil”, or fish crashing through the surface to eat a doomed, fleeing bait fish, really is. It’s one of those subtleties that implants in one’s subconscious forever. I’d bet the farm that a huge majority of long range anglers, and certainly every Captain and crewman, would know that sound if they were blindfolded or in pitch black darkness. The audible difference a jumbo tuna makes when it boils versus a small one is pronounced too. I can’t begin to remember the number of times Captain Brian Sims or one of my other crewmen looks up after a big one crashes and says “did you hear that one?”. 

Done with my waxing tomorrow will be dedicated to the trophy yellowfin effort stationary and focused. This definitely feels to be one of those occasions when settling in and fishing is the right call. Right or wrong we’ll know tomorrow. Today’s photo features master long range veteran and Royal Star angler Jim Aljian with a dandy wahoo and a big smile.

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