Fish Report for 12-10-2020

All in

Tim Ekstrom

We had a few shots at the ones we were after but their wits and muscle prevailed leaving us with little to show for our time and effort. Fortunately a few consolation prize beautiful grade yellowtail spiced up the day, along with a rogue wahoo, but there is no masking the reality of it. Slow fishing, painfully slow at times, is the current theme. 

Not that we are taken by surprise. As mentioned before the pace slowed well before our arrival and we have been well informed. Harboring no illusions we set to this effort prepared for a slug fest. So we fish all out, and all in. Photo today features master angler and globally recognized Royal Star ambassador Robert “Hot Bobby” Hirsch, who was smiling just before I took the picture, with a fine example of the yellowtail grade in the mix today. 

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