Fish Report for 1-14-2021

Main Vein

Tim Ekstrom

After a full night of travel we arrived at dawn on the main vein. Scattered fish everywhere, big, spread out schools, deep spots on the fathometer - we had arrived. But, in the way of catching, it did us little good. Lock jawed bastards tormented us on every attempt through mid afternoon when our time afar ran dry. My tongue in cheek description of the day was as follows: “It was a great day of fishing; the catching not so much”. Beautiful conditions - perfect for spotting and approaching bluefin, were an ideal vehicle for success. A wealth of sardines to offer, twelve experienced anglers rigged and proficient in the tools of blufinnin’ offshore; all combined for a fishless day among thousands, likely hundreds of thousands, of journeyman antagonists. 

Clearly they won today’s round. That concession offered is hardly an admission of defeat however. Rest assured they will pay in spades the day they let their guard down. Guaranteed. For now travel up the line in near flat calm, and a final evening culinary masterpiece of prime steaks and crab, assuaged the affront to our fisherman’s pride. Knowing the bluefin tunas penchant for the practice of self preservation we are pleased for the fact that we had a bona fide shot, in perfect conditions, exactly as this specially arranged voyage intended. Look for tomorrow’s final report before we shut down for awhile. Enjoy today’s image of what lurked below the hull on one of several similar stops. The fathometer tells the tale far better than I.


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