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Pending voyages
Inching closer to the green light a few reminders are offered to anglers on upcoming voyages. First we again assure... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Thank you
To all those serving our country we offer our most sincere gratitude. To those making the ultimate sacrifice we are... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Latest News
An update from the front lines as the latest guidance from the bureaucracy indicates that we (Royal Star) will be... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Royal Star Policy Update
Greetings Royal Star anglers, As the season fast approaches we are buttoning up our big projects, including a long awaited overhaul... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Royal Star update
To all Royal Star anglers,   As stated in the previous post current events dictate our policy looking forward. Foremost is our... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Covid-19 update
Taking current events into account we are very grateful that our annual scheduled maintenance period is now upon us. We will... more »
Tim Ekstrom
ETA 06:45 Friday the 13th.
Good speed continues. Royal Star will be back at the landing by 06:45 tomorrow morning. Photo today is of the... more »
Brian Sims
Good Speed
Blake and the guys are making good speed heading for San Diego. It appears they will arrive early Friday morning.... more »
Brian Sims
Good Day
This morning was a carbon copy of yesterday. Except for we managed a couple of 100# tuna. In the afternoon... more »
Brian Sims
What We Came For
We had a slow morning of fishing today. We saw fish , but couldn’t get it to bite. In the... more »
Brian Sims
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