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Quick Turn
A quick turn and on our way returning to the fine port city of Ensenada before continuing on. The island... more »
Tim Ekstrom
Great Finish
Today was exactly what we were looking for. We had steady scratching at 50-80# Fish all day. By the end... more »
Brian Sims
Different Pace
Things changed a little bit here today. The Yellowtail didn’t bite quite as well, but we managed a  decent sample... more »
Brian Sims
Carbon copy.
Today was a carbon copy of yesterday. Good yellowtail and yellowfin fishing throughout the day.  Our Photo today is of... more »
Brian Sims
Great Day
We had an outstanding day of fishing today. We started with mackerel in the dark, filling two boxes in about... more »
Brian Sims
Starting The Bight
We departed Saturday morning on “The Bight” 7 day open. We have a good load of bait onboard and an... more »
Brian Sims
Final flurry
Today we had a little kelp action on our way to Ensenada. We found three kelps with Dorado and small... more »
Brian Sims
Steady Angling
Today we took a look around in the early morning , finding very little. In the mid morning we settled... more »
Brian Sims
Picking Away
Today started out pretty slow as we were battling conditions. After a couple of hours of searching we got settled... more »
Brian Sims
Good fishing
Today we had good action on both Yellowtail and Yellowfin Tuna. The Yellowtail bit for us a little in the... more »
Brian Sims
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