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Bitter disappointment is how I would describe my sentiments today following a day of perfect weather and an ocean plentiful with fish that we could not get to bite to save our lives. It is little consolation that all of us down in this zone are more or less experiencing the same phenomena but this fact, at the very least, is helping to preserve our sanity. As reported we had the weather and conditions today to get out on the offshore big fish grounds and we were thrilled for the opportunity. The big fish that were so prolific last trip were scarce at best but it only takes one school and late in the day we believed we had found the one. It was a perfect setup in perfect conditions at the perfect time. Our positioning was ideal as we crept into the school and the fathometer lit up with a spot of straight cows (giant yellowfin) that made my heart flutter with anticipation. I gave the call to throw bait, and throw it we did pouring it over the side scoops at a time. All anglers were on their game, in the water almost instantly with their eighty and one hundred pound outfits ready to finally feel the exhilaration of a shot at trophy yellowfin that would erase the memory of the previous days disappointments. This was it; this was our chance to save it. The results? Nothing. Not a boil, not a bite, as my chief mentor Steve Loomis used to say "not even a skinned bait". The question now is what to do and the answer of course is keep trying. Not in the lower zone however as that little experience tapped my enthusiasm for this area once and for all.

That is not to say that it won't come around however; it probably will, those anglers on upcoming voyages will simply have to be the ones to make it happen. In fact, the one bright note to the story is the fact that the fish are still around and it is likely a matter of time before more good fishing is to be found down below. In the meantime we are now on a northerly tack in search of better opportunities ahead.

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