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When it comes down to it, a good portion of our offshore success is attributed to timing on any particular day or trip. Of course we have to know how to best take advantage of the opportunities encountered but the fact that our trips have a set time frame makes the luck factor rather significant on all of our trips. That said, the luck factor was in our favor yesterday as we began our annual Michael Q five day with superb offshore action featuring 25 - 45# albacore. Interestingly, the "fatso" grade of albacore that we have been catching most of this season took a break last week and the vast majority of what we were landing was in the 18 - 25# class. Not that there is anything wrong with that grade of fish, in fact we are pleased to catch those any time, but there is something very special about the "fatsos" with their striking features and hearty appearance. The fatsos really got with the program yesterday picking up steam in the late afternoon and biting until we were all exhausted from pulling and satiated with fun. As we headed down, the aroma of Ben Gay and vibrant atmosphere told the story of a elated group of anglers reveling in the glory of their favorite past time. These are the cherished moments we seek out here and as such we could not be more pleased with our day.

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