Posted: 21:33:00

Back in the saddle today with nice steady fishing on 30-70lb tuna and a few yellows. Beautiful weather, nice scenery, and white shark sightings also added to the enjoyment. We are going to finish the trip up here at Guadalupe tomorrow with the offshore scene producing only small yft.


Posted: 08:21:46

I know there was some interest among you regarding the birth of the newest addition to our family and Royal Star team. Duke James Ekstrom is here arriving in perfect health just after noon on the 28th. My wife Merrilee came through like a champ and is enjoying some peace with our new son. As reported earlier, I will be off the boat through November 3rd but will be in our office or around town participating in the daily management of Royal Star. I will also continue to pass along pertinent information as it arrives. Judging by the reports everyone can gather that the fishing has taken a tough turn over the past couple of weeks but that is certain to change as the month of October progresses.

Good Fishing,


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