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Off we go not feeling very original in our thinking as one of a procession of boats heading for the promised land of Guadalupe that has obviously proven an enticing destination for those of us hoping to catch yellowfin tuna. Unfortunately the offshore albacore took a serious nose dive narrowing down our list of options and stacking up the fleet in the destination showing the most potential. We have a few tricks up our sleeve otherwise but as a starting point, the big island on the outside is by far our best move regardless of the traffic. As such we are heading into the thick of it swinging hoping to wrest out a respectable catch before considering other options. Needless to say we are all hoping for a change in the offshore scene as none of us in long range fishing cherish the thought of staring at each other throughout our trips. Honestly most of us are independent in nature and would much rather fish alone than in a group. Beautiful, grease calm weather graces our ride south and as reported more of the same is in the forecast. We are breaking out the sunscreen while preparing our tackle for what we hope are good days to come.

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