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We began on a successful note arriving at Clipperton at high noon to encouraging indications of life in the area. Honestly the most difficult choice we faced upon arrival was which direction to go because there were so many giant bird schools to choose from. After chasing spots for a short while however we opted to stop the boat after two and a half days of running and try our luck on the anchor. On the final day of our previous voyage, conditions made a significant change and as a result we were able to fish in our favorite anchoring zone. I was hoping that the trend would carry over into this voyage and for the beginning at least, it appears that it did. The action was far from hot and heavy but we scratched a handful of trophy fish with the biggest coming in at two twenty three and another three from one seventy to one ninety two. In addition we landed another handful in the seventy to one hundred thirty pound class.

Overall I have to say that I am very encouraged by the sign we see here and am anxiously the morning tomorrow. We have the most beautiful weather one can imagine with just enough breeze to make a white cap, and mixed cloud cover to keep things cool; perfect Clipperton weather. Now time will tell and we should have a much better picture by days end tomorrow

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