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Apparently our reports have been missing over the past couple of days as difficult satellite connections have hindered their transmission. We have prevailed on the water however, successfully turning the boat around on Saturday the first heading out on our annual "Barking Spiders" eight day voyage. With a fantastic load of bait and very enthusiastic group of anglers on board, we are heading for points south looking to start on the bottom end of our list of options in pursuit of yellowfin tuna and perhaps, if luck is with us, a few tropical exotics. Following yesterday's trek south, I can report that the water temps are definitely on the rise and the species we expect in such conditions are heading up the line. I would even speculate, in light of what we observed yesterday, that the local boats are going to have more than a few shots at exotics such as yellowfin tuna and dorado around kelps and offshore before too long. We certainly hope so as the obvious void in albacore could stand to be filled none too soon. We arrive at out southern destination today and will of course continue our reporting as long as we are able.

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