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Lo and behold! Just when you think that all is doom and gloom and the fish are all gone guess what happens? Captain Toussaint, working in the same general ?beach? area yesterday ran across the mother lode reporting ?as good of sign of giant yellowfin as he has seen yet this season?. Big spots of jumpers, sonar schools, and plenty of scattered cows or ?loose? fish around had the guys stopping all afternoon as the big cows crashed around and stayed with the boat. Now the less than perfect part of the report is the fact that once again the big cows were reluctant to bite doing a lot more showing than going. But they did manage to hook a couple of cows from one spot that yielded a 204 for angler Bill Hunter and a heartbreaking loss of a ?giant one? according to Captain Tossaint.

Although the big cows in this zone have been consistently wary this season, they have dropped their guard more than a few times. In fact, I am reminded of our mid December trip when we saw and tremendous sign one day while hooking only one fish and the next day we landed twelve over two hundred with seventeen fish total coming over the rail. We have very high hopes that history will repeat itself in this case. Regardless the stage is set as the guys have perfect, flat calm weather and the most important component of the equation in their favor ? the fish being there. So that is it along with some fantastic fishing action on school size yellowfin on the ridge two days prior while trekking south. At present the boat is experiencing technical problems with the satellite connection so I have been enlisted as voyage narrator based on information Randy is providing. Wish the guys luck out there as this big deal. Needless to say we were sweating bullets over the past week with the big fish not showing and our ?gut feeling? or ?instinct? about them being there on the line. Now that part of it is settled but the guys still have plenty of catching to do before we come out smelling like roses.

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