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I can honestly say that with three full days of fantastic action on 120 - 175# yellowfin tuna, with several one nineties and three over two hundred mixed in, we are ready to focus on our next goal of a few hundred wahoo without regret.

The action today began just after dawn when a spot of big yellowfin erupted on the hoarde of flying fish that had gathered around the lights during the night. With the irresitable banquet laid out before them, the tuna came on like a freight train, hammering just about everything that hit the water for the twenty minutes preceeding sunrise. The pace thankfully slowed after that and we enjoyed a leisurely morning catching the big fish two or three at a time after the early rush. Much like the previous two days, the morning bite was only a warm up as we had two more stops, one drifting on a school, and one while anchored, where we found similiar action on the big, aggressive, biting yellowfin tuna. Needless to say everyone is nursing a few sore muscles following this caliber of action, but everyone is game, still at the rail, and still fishing hard every time the boat stops. And thankfully so because we have five full days of fishing remaining, and plenty more to see with both Roca Partida and Isla Clarion, unfished in ages in the zone inside six miles, waiting on our bow.

To keep everyone up to date on the tagging progress, we are at just over two hundred yellowfin tuna tagged with close to one hundred thirty of those released in the one hundred to one hundred ninety pound class. So far three over the two hundred mark have been tagged and the remaining sixty five or seventy are in the thirty to ninety pound class. We are off to a booming start and will be heading west in search of both wahoo and more yellowfin tuna at Roca Partida tomorrow. We have absolutely beautiful weather in our favor and are looking forward to what the new zone may bring. Look for tomorrow's report with the details.

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