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The morning of offshore searching dragged into the afternoon as we came across nothing significant other than a couple of zones that could have produced small yellowtail. Thus far, the consistent theme in the offshore zones down here has been cold water with sea surface temperatures barely breaking sixty three degrees and many zones remaining in the sixty to sixty one degree range. A quick assesment of all the conditions, and minimal signs of tuna offshore would lead one to believe that ocean conditions are what we typically find in the middle of May rather than June. In other words it looks like the grand mechanism is turning a little slower this year and keeping us waiting as a result. The one certain thing is that the table is set down below as miles and miles of bait is already satisfying plentiful whales, dolphins, and birds. Of course time will tell, but judging by the overall picture offshore, with a smattering of bluefin tuna and albacore signs in several different areas, I will venture the opinion that it is far from time to hit the panic button.

As for yesterday, we weren't overly condfidant in the offshore scene going into the day, and as such, made provisions to visit the islands in the late afternoon if things on the outside didn't work out. It turned out to be a good call as the long day of working south was forgotten amidst good action on seventeen to twenty two pound yellowtail that pvovided a great surface show in six or seven productive stops. It was a good start for our trip shaking out the kinks and cobwebs in preparation for what we hope will be a yellowtail filled day of island action tomorrow and perhaps beyond. We have beautiful working weather and every else in place so it is now up to the fish gods during the next couple of days.

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