Posted: 07:03:00

Things perked up a bit here at the island today with good sign of yellows around. They were a bit reluctant to bite but we still managed to put together a decent day. We are going to try again here in the morning before going prospecting offshore for the afternoon.


Posted: 07:03:00

It was at tough day here at Cedros with plenty of surface life but a serious lack of biting fish. We managed to put a few fish in the hatch with the highlight being two 40lb white seabass.We are spending the night and giving this another day with high hopes for a change tomorrow.


Posted: 07:02:00

We started our six day in the offshore grounds today for 50 mixed fish which consisted of 25 nice grade yellows, 24 dorado which were on the small side, and a few small bluefin. We started working down the line for an unproductive afternoon and will be trying Cedros tomorrow.


Posted: 07:08:00

This morning we started up looking for albacore. Just about the time everyone figured it was going to be a slow day, the fish came up. We had a good stop where just about everyone on the boat had one on. A couple of other short stops included a few small bluefin. Then just as quickly as it started the fish went down. In the afternoon we chased small spots of breaking fish. Albacore, yellowfin and bluefin were in the spots, but refused to bite.

At dark we called it a trip and started for home. We will be at the dock at 0630 Monday.


Posted: 07:08:00

We spent the night at the island hoping to get a few more tuna in the early morning. The Yellowtail cooperated for about an hour and the tuna showed but didn't bite. We scratched around till lunch when we headed offshore. We found a few kelps with better grade dorado and a few yellows. We will be fishing for any kind of tuna tomorrow.


Posted: 07:07:00

We slid down to an offshore island for today. When we arrived we found decent conditions and scratched at some yellowfin to 35# and managed some yellows. On a midday anchor job we were able to keep one going on yellowtail for a couple of hours and had one standout, that being a 45# mossback. We finished our day with flat calm weather, biting bass and a beautiful sunset.


Posted: 07:07:00

Our first day of fishing on the Phillips Steel / Wood Group charter started offshore. Our morning was a bit on the slow side with kelps tough to find and not very much on them. The afternoon was a different story as we got the life located. We strung together some nice kelps and ended up with a very nice day for both numbers and variety. As far as the variety goes we had yellows to 27#, dorado to 16#, Bluefin to 18#, and yellowfin to 25#.


Posted: 06:51:00

One pattern offshore that we have definitely nailed down so far this season is that one day has absolutely zero bearing on the next when it comes to catching albacore. Best said, fishing for albacore thus far has been consistently inconsistent. There was plenty of good catching to be had two days prior with a wide spread of vessels both seeing and putting together good scores on the wily longfin. Today was a very different story. For the most part the same wide spread of vessels, fishing in the same general areas, saw almost zero sign of albacore today but for a few small exceptions. Thankfully in our case we were one of those in the "few small exceptions" category, and though the catching was scant using traditional measures of success, success is all relative.

All kidding aside it was another long day offshore that was thankfully passed in good weather that provided plenty of opportunity to view spot after spot of tiny, 6 - 12# bluefin tuna that seemed to be everywhere instead of albacore. The tiny bluefin tuna were not that exciting in the catching department but provided plenty of visual stimulation as areas of jumpers and breaking fish seemed to be everywhere at times. Rather than target the mini bluefin we opted to search for the right stuff and as reported were mercifully rewarded late in the day with a few short stops on 25 - 35# albacore that had a therapeutic effect on everyone on board.

So our annual Steve Kimbrough five day voyage is almost history this year and goes down in the books as a fine fishing trip overall with a good shot at offshore tuna and island yellowtail. There were a couple of slow days to slog through but what matters in the end is the fact that anglers had a great time and ultimately accumulated a fine catch through their hard efforts at the rail. Now Captain Brian Sims takes the helm as our annual Phillips Steel/Wood Group departs today on another five day adventure. Though the fishing success offshore has been inconsistent, the quantity of fish around, and the very good island and coastal fishing to be had speak of fine potential for the trip to come. Look for Capt. Sims' reports to continue as I take a turn on terra firma for the next few days. Also, listen up for my appearance on Let's Talk Hookup on Saturday the 26th with Pete and "Rockcod" Rick and please call in if you have any questions.



Posted: 06:58:00

No rip roaring hits on the yellowtail today or staggering quantities going into the hatch but a nice day overall with a few decent shots on quality fish including a handful of 42 - 48# crowd pleasing bruisers. Fortunately the good weather provided access to the exact zone we hoped to target and as such we enjoyed incredible scenery to go along with the action on jumbo yellowtail. Like I said the day wasn't a record breaker in the quantity department but we definitely accomplished our main goal of mixing up the fishing and scenery and had a handful of exceptional trophies as a bonus.

With the good weather continuing, we opted to finish up on the outside spending our final full day in search of albacore, yellowfin, and bluefin tuna offshore. According to reports from our colleagues on the grounds prospects remain excellent as there are plenty of fish showing and in a fair biting mood. We will see if the trend continues tomorrow as we cover some new ground while heading into the most recent productive zone throughout the morning hours.


Posted: 07:14:00

We closed out the following day in high spirits well prepared to continue the catching trend by taking full advantage of the eager tuna being up and biting. By about eight or nine o'clock this morning, it was painfully obvious that this day would be very different as the sign of fish was scant and a far cry from what we were looking at the previous day. So often such is the case when offshore fishing. Most times it is just a matter of dividing up as a group and heading off in different directions to collectively cover as much ground as possible and get ourselves relocated on the fish - preferably with enough time to take advantage of whatever we find. Today we did exactly that but either never did find the main vein of albacore or did find them but they were down again. There was certainly enough sign to indicate that the albacore were around, and all the accompanying tuna sign was definitely up and obvious, but the catching can best be described as a scratch with some extended lulls between opportunities.

By day's end we were ready for a change of pace and will be fishing on the anchor tomorrow in several different places. In all likelihood we will return offshore for our final day but that of course will depend on tomorrow's results. Regardless it is safe to say that after a couple of full days of moving around offshore these anglers are ready for some scenery to compliment the fishing effort.

Beautiful weather continues to grace our voyage and thankfully more of the same is forecast for the next few days.


Posted: 07:12:00

As occurs so many times in the world of offshore fishing the ocean was a remarkably different place than two days prior with albacore up and biting just about everywhere and a good sprinkling of tuna mixed in. Between the weather subsiding to flat calm, and the often falsely accused for poor fishing full moon cycle, the fact that these fish came up in a biting mood is no huge surprise or variation from a pattern we have experienced more often than not in the past. It doesn't make the tough days of offshore looking, like two days prior for example, any easier to swallow. But, the fact that significant change out here, both good and bad, is so dependable maintains our drive to always go that additional mile and continue the effort no matter how dismal the picture.

One thing appears certain now that this fish is up from the deeps and we again have the opportunity to assess what we presently have to work with on the offshore grounds. There are plenty of fish around to provide good offshore action throughout this summer season with a broad area producing a significant amount of fish in mixed sizes. Most noteworthy in the region we worked, that by the way is almost exactly where we were two days prior for zero sign of fish, was the mix of jumbo albacore, many of which were in the twenty five to thirty pound class with several pushing over the forty pound mark.

Needless to say we are elated with the change for the better and our timing on this voyage that perfectly positioned us to take full advantage of this showing offshore. With a highly productive, extremely satisfying first day under our belts, we have no plans to relocate until we have had our fill of this action. More perfect, flat calm weather is forecast to grace our efforts so we will see if the fish continue to show and bite accordingly.


Posted: 07:09:00

This was no laughing matter today as we set out to catch albacore and/or tuna or bust and narrowly missed a complete skunk late in the evening with a merciful double jig strike on ten pound albacore. Wow! What a long day of looking in excellent conditions across a broad, historically productive area that was full of life and bait but zero sign of tuna. We get the A for effort - again, but ultimately took one for the team in prospecting offshore the entire day. With one RSW tank laden with beautiful yellowtail, this was really our only choice that we gladly accepted. But, the gladly part of the effort was definitely waning by the mid afternoon as the perfect conditions continued to yield nothing in the way of offshore tuna. Such is fishing.

Overall, other than the obvious fact that the offshore tuna are down and off the bite, I can't even begin to offer an opinion or venture any guess as to what is in store offshore for us during the next few weeks. There are certainly enough fish around but the inconsistency of just about everything on the outside so far this season has us guessing and using little more than hunches to plan our daily moves let alone predict a few days or weeks in advance.

Tomorrow's plan is set however as we are turning around in the a.m. departing on Steve Kimbrough's annual five day voyage by the early afternoon. Captain Toussaint and I will be teaming up on this next voyage so we will see what our combined efforts can produce. At the very least we hope that good luck is on our side.

Tim Ekstrom


Posted: 07:16:00

Following a heavenly night spent fishing on the anchor in flat calm conditions; we resumed the trophy yellowtail effort today with varying degrees of success. Overall the majority of fish we found were finicky and reluctant to bite but we did manage to land a few handfuls before moving on in search of greener pastures. In the end we stayed busy all day with the brightest news to report being the fantastic quantity of good sized yellowtail in many locations.

Our final day tomorrow will be spent in pursuit of what have become very elusive albacore and tuna offshore during the last five days. We will be prospecting in new country where we hope that anything we find will be of desirable size and willing to bite


Posted: 07:01:00

Not a bad day on the yellow's here with a good hit on trophies and steady scratching throughout the morning and early afternoon on mid size fish that fit the bill of keeping us satisfied and busy nicely. Combined with beautiful scenery and grease calm, balmy conditions, a successful day of long range fishing was thoroughly enjoyed by all on board. If tomorrow goes according to plan we will be mixing up the effort with both island and offshore fishing but much remains to be seen before we commit to any rock solid plan. For now we are employing the "bird in the hand" strategy and are grateful for our good fortune today that encompassed every aspect a fine day of ocean fishing could offer.


Posted: 07:28:00

No barn burner out of the gates on our annual Pacific Edge five day but we covered plenty of ground in search of more productive zones offshore and scratched up a fair score of nice grade yellowtail in the process.

With the local offshore grounds taking what I suspect will be a short turn for the worse; it was time for us to go looking while setting ourselves up for the next move to one or more of the outside islands. By day's end we accomplished this goal and honestly discovered the water conditions we were hoping to find with only about one hour of daylight remaining in our long day of searching. This zone did produce a few fish but more importantly located us for our inevitable return to the outside as well as lined up our colleagues on the way down tomorrow. We will see.

In the meantime we have our work cut out for us as we are a little behind the ball in the production department. With any luck the change in scenery tomorrow will also include some fine results in the ready and waiting RSW tank. Good weather presently graces the effort so it is now up to our savvy and the fish gods to provide the opportunity our anglers are well prepared for.


Posted: 07:01:00

Things finally came together today as we started off with short stops on mixed 30# albacore and bluefin. We scratched all day in beautiful weather. Our last stop of the day, the fish put on a pretty good show as every bait in the water was a bite for about ten minutes.

Many thanks to John Kashiki and this group of Royal Star regulars as they fished hard till the end.

Captain Tim Ekstrom will be back at the helm for our next adventure.


Posted: 07:00:00

Today we looked at fish all day long. There was very little time when we weren't seeing something to stop the boat on. The problem was that the fish simply weren't very interested in what we had to offer. The bright side is that we managed to put a couple of handfuls of 30# class bluefin onboard to go with our albacore. We will be offshore in a different area tomorrow.


Posted: 07:00:00

Today we enjoyed some offshore kelping in flat calm weather. We put on a mixed catch of yellowtail and Dorado. Wish us luck in our quest for some quality tuna tomorrow.


Posted: 06:59:00

Our move to the island didn't quite work out as planned. We managed some premium grade yellowtail 30-36#. We struggled with a lack of conditions, but enjoyed fantastic weather. The highlight of the day was Walt Howard's first white seabass.


Posted: 07:16:00

Pretty good scratching on 22-35 # albacore with some bluefin mixed in up to 28#. These albacore are starting to show signs of wanting to bite better. There are also some 12-25# yellows that bite well. We had a good morning of action with better than a hundred mixed fish before sliding down to be at an island tomorrow. The weather is still excellent.


Posted: 07:38:00

We started out this morning offshore in very nice weather. Steady short stops on albacore dominated our morning with one stop on 15# bluefin and one kelp for yellows before lunch. Our afternoon was slower as the fish were down for a bit, then didn't cooperate for us when they did show. Overall we had a respectable day with both quality and variety in our catch.


Posted: 08:16:00

We made a stop on the beach this morning for a great bite on nice reds before continuing up the line. We looked at a lot of beautiful blue water in traditionally good grounds this afternoon but came up with nothing. We are traveling up tonight in nice weather and will finish the trip tomorrow in the albacore grounds.


Posted: 08:15:00

Great action all day combined with beautiful weather made for a memorable day here at Cedros. We ended up with 100 nice yellows but the highlight was 9 white seabass from 30-58lbs. The overall sign here today was incredible which is great news for the upcoming trips. We are going to travel up tonight and prospect offshore tomorrow which will put us in position for a final day of albacore fishing.


Posted: 11:53:00

We started the morning with a good bite on the school tuna which were in the 15-25lb range. With no sign of bigger fish we pulled the anchor and started looking around the rocks for an early season wahoo or quality tuna but by lunch it was apparent that neither was to be had. We took off for Cedros in decent weather and will arrive tomorrow morning.


Posted: 15:34:00

In spite of rugged weather we had a nice day of angling here at Alijos for 100 yellows 18-45lbs and 40 school tuna. We plan to give this at least one more day and will concentrate on the tuna tomorrow.

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