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We are still on track here with another very good morning of yellowfin tuna action fulfilling our expectations and rounding out our quota on this species of game fish. The early afternoon was spent working up the beach for a handful of dorado as we headed in to again top off our big bait supply before heading up the line tonight to focus on dorado and wahoo offshore tomorrow.

The scenic tour up the beach was epic and provided an opportunity to do a little variety fishing for exotics along the way. I can't report that the catching was all that successful, but the areas traveled, fished, and searched were intriguing and exciting to wet a line in. Most importantly, the main afternoon objective of reloading our big baits was a glowing success and positioned us to take full advantage of whatever we encounter for the remainder of the voyage.

With decent weather in the forecast and plenty of potential for wahoo and dorado on the outside and up above, we now hope the combination of our effort, ability, and good luck will produce what we are looking for.

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