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Another day of weather so beautiful it is almost surreal as absolutely zero swell and seas, and a crisp, crystal clear atmosphere combine for genuine paradise on the high seas - regardless of the fishing. The fishing, or catching if you will, is always considered a bonus anyway as it is the one unpredictable variable on a long range voyage that in most cases is beyond our control. On that note, I must report that this extraordinary group of anglers has demonstrated exemplary preparation for any possible circumstance adjusting to varying conditions in stride by supplementing whatever one can conjure to maintain a festive atmosphere while focusing on the earnest pursuit of giant yellowfin tuna. These anglers could write the book on how to enjoy a long range fishing voyage. In fact, several of these anglers, and their incredible passion and dedication to this grand diversion, are an integral part of a book in its making. Rightly so, as they have been here throughout the revolution.

Conditions were again different today with a much smaller showing on trophy yellowfin while the smaller, eighty to one hundred twenty pound tuna continue to come one or two per stop. There were a couple of standout one fifty to one seventies, but for the most part the behemoths pulled a no show leaving us holding the bag though grateful for the couple of handfuls of nice fish landed. So, on to the next day with a short move to a different zone that we hope will relocate the jumbos and position us to dish out a few lickings during our final three fishing days. With the glorious weather forecast to hold, and every fishing advantage we can muster in our favor, we will see how the fish gods treat us tomorrow and beyond. Regardless however, these anglers will be making a good time of it. As previously reported, this is long range fishing paradise.


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