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It was far from easy again today with shifting conditions, a narrow time of day window when the fish were up, and wild behavior when they were making the task of finding the right one a real challenge. We were up for it of course, but following yesterday's glory hit, we were really ready to clobber them right out of the gates. It wasn't meant to be. We did enjoy one long drift mid day that produced a two sixty seven, five others in the one hundred forty to one hundred seventy pound class, and a couple of real heartbreaks on bona fide giants using the big gear that spit the hooks to our extreme dissatisfaction.

Master live bait fisherman Kevin Leong claimed big fish honors today and rightly so as he has been giving a clinic on sardine fishing with big gear throughout this voyage. Having the pleasure to know and fish with Kevin for at least twenty years now, I can say with absolute certainty that a better live bait fisherman does not exist, especially when it comes to finesse fishing in scratch conditions. When it comes to Kevin's consistent results, straight fishing luck is a very minor component in the equation. Practice, skill, experience, and impeccable attention to his equipment, from the Blackwater fluorocarbon he uses exclusively to the Calstar rods and Accurate Platinum reels, Kevin assembles every possible advantage then combines his expertise for almost unbelievable results. Ask anyone who has fished with Kevin and they will nod in agreement; and probably throw in a story or two to back it up. No doubt you wouldn't find any argument among this crew or group of incredible anglers, most of whom have fished with Kevin for many years.

Now our final day is upon us and it appears that aside from a few light spatters of rain that our fantastic weather is going to hold straight through. With the amount of sign we saw today the potential for a going home glory school is still high as well as our motivation to make it happen. We could not be better positioned for success with a brimming load of green mackerel and perfect sardines and a highly motivated crew and group of anglers to this end. Needless to say we will be hard charging to the final moment hoping that the fish gods are again generous before our time down here becomes a memory fondly recalled.

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