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We finished off with a flawless disembarkation in Los Cabos where the balmy weather and somewhat sleepy atmosphere welcomed anglers to a day of relaxation and perusing local establishments before jumping on their early evening flights home. In the meantime, Royal Star began steaming north enjoying an easy tranquil ride in gentle rolling seas. In reflecting on the voyage I must again remark on the extraordinary good fortune we all enjoyed from the perfect weather to the fishing and everything one can think of in between. Most importantly, the group of anglers made the trip with their individual and combined experience in this arena reflecting their passion for long range fishing as well as their expertise at the rail. For the entire Royal Star crew I can confidently report that we have never been to sea with a better group of individuals, or had a better time while performing our duties than we did throughout this voyage. Best said - a good time was had by all. Truer words were never spoken.

I will post voyage photos during the next few days and perhaps a few thoughts as they come up. With our arrival scheduled for Friday morning, we will be unloading a catch of premium trophy yellowfin tuna in perfect condition before settling in at the dock for a couple of weeks to perform some general winter maintenance. In closing today, for the entire Royal Star crew I wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to the anglers on this voyage as we could not have realized a better outcome on your behalf. Thanks to all of you listed below for your business, fine company on board, and admirable character. We are sincerely appreciative.

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