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And away we go on this exclusive fifteen day adventure sponsored by and carrying the finest representatives from Blackwater and Accurate Products. With a very small assembly of big fish mavens on board, we are headed south to include our efforts in the search for giant yellowfin along with several of our colleagues who departed during the past few days.

Using history as a measure, timing should intersect with opportunity at some point during the twelve day fishing portion of this voyage as we plan to focus our efforts offshore for what we hope will be the duration of the adventure. We will see. As we all have witnessed by now, regardless of what vessel you choose to ride, fishing strategies have a way of evolving throughout a voyage; sometimes taking turns no one imagines upon departure. Admittedly, we are hoping to avoid such surprises this time, but we are ready to adjust if necessary.

With both Captain Toussaint and I on board again this voyage, we will see how our combined efforts shake out this time. Wish us luck if you are on our team and look for plenty more in the daily reports as I warm up to the routine.

Tim Ekstrom


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