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After a short morning and early afternoon of travel in fine conditions here's how it unfolded. We arrived at the north end of Isla San Benedicto at 1500 to find superb water conditions and plenty of signs of life. After looking around for about five minutes we attempted our first drift that resulted in just short of a handful of 70 - 120# yellowfin tuna tagged and released. After that we took off, moved about one half mile amongst plentiful scattered fish, got a jig strike on some mystery monster that came off, and didn't move again until well after dark. When we stopped the second time at around 1530 the tuna found us and continued to gather and bite throughout the afternoon and evening. Fifty one was our total number of yellowfin outfitted with tags with about half in the 40 - 70# class and the remainder from 80 - 130#. There were a couple of standouts, and a couple of heartbreaks, with big fish honors going to Jeff Tedmori with a 228 and Scott Brickell's last fish that came in at 181.

In addition to the spectacular scenery that I have detailed on so many prior occasions, this island and the surrounding waters, that are so well known for their reluctance to yield noteworthy catches, was in the right mode today. Conditions and what I see in the way of fish both before and after dark is very compelling. So much so that after a delightful, easy task of topping off our tanks, I opted to give it the full day here tomorrow before considering further options. The potential here is just too good. Finally, seeing as how we are at San Benedicto, the shark factor, that is historically prevalent at this island, should be mentioned. We drifted for a total of three and one half hours on the side of this island that is traditionally infested with voracious swarms of silky and Galapagos sharks for a total of one fish partially scraped and a couple of bite offs. In short, there were no sharks to speak of, amazing. That makes three years in a row that the shark factor at San Benedicto was zero. I'm beginning to believe that this is a trend. Needless to say we don't miss them in the least. We are very pleased with the opening round here, and with every conceivable factor presently in our favor, we are hoping to continue down this road.

Onward ho!

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