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It's a pretty easy summary today. The weather was beautiful, Roca Partida a magnificent, scenic wonder worth the ride out alone, and plenty of what are typically the usual suspects around here - yellowfin tuna from 10 - 75# and plenty of sharks. Surprisingly, no Wahoo to speak of but that seems to be the trend for this voyage thus far. Conditions were excellent and there was certainly enough sign of better tuna to spark my interest, but the shark factor and significant lack of Wahoo did little to motivate a visit to "The Rock" extending more than a few hours. We did spend our last couple of hours in hot pursuit of a giant school of mixed size yellowfin that treated us to a fantastic surface show every time they happened upon a school of small flyers or other unfortunate surface baits. But, as the tuna moved farther into the deeps the pursuit became a fruitless challenge as they focused mainly on their bait of choice and snubbed their noses at the majority of our offerings.

All things happen for a reason. In this case we found ourselves in perfect position to resume the westerly trek to Isla Clarion where we plan to continue the tagging effort tomorrow and beyond. Perfectly positioned with a wealth of time, motivation, and bait, we are ready to follow this enjoyable afternoon of travel and relaxation with more of what we came for. We are heading west with high hopes.

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