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A reminder today about the new two day voyages we added in the middle of June that I mentioned on Let's Talk Hookup Saturday. Wednesday, June 16th - Friday, June 18th. Friday, June 18th - Sunday, June 20th. Both voyages depart at 1900 hrs. and return at 1700 hrs. Prices are all inclusive at $475 and $495 for the weekend. Filleting services will be available upon return, or anglers may take advantage of the complimentary filleting offered by the crew on these voyages only. Capt. Brian Sims and I will be manning the phones again in the office today through Wednesday so give us a call to shoot the breeze or book a reservation.

Speaking of shooting the breeze I received much feedback from friends and listeners of the Let's Talk Hookup program last Saturday. Without fail everyone offered positive support for the ideas Rick Maxa and I expressed regarding responsible take and how we present ourselves as sport fishermen to the entire community. Not just in our community, but how we are perceived, as individuals and businesses alike, to the world outside. I have made mention on numerous occasions about the responsibility we all share to represent our fishery in a positive, mature, intelligent manner. In every respect anglers and professionals must understand the stakes, and recognize that we all play an important role in our future. Every time we act, every time we speak, every time we engage in dialogue, every time we enter the public forum, we must think clearly about what we are saying, how we are representing this fishery, and what consequences may arise from our words and actions. Especially in the age of bloggers, and virtually unregulated internet forums, it is crucial that individuals understand the words, thoughts, and behavior they display are received at face value by the world at large. And, represent the fishery we all seek to enjoy and preserve for generations to come.

While I would love to believe that I, and every other professional in sport fishing have the ability to manipulate the bad out of the equation through positive representation and advancing ideas through public media, such is not the case. The information age, freedom of speech and expression, and unlimited access to communication vehicles where even the grossest of mistruths can be disseminated assigns responsibility to all of us equally. Whether anglers are out on the water, yarning in tackle stores with friends, or sitting behind a keyboard at home I trust that 99% know the difference between right and wrong. With everything at stake, we all must apply correct principles to every contribution and extraction we are part of.

Photos of the day feature another full resolution repeat of my favorite sequence from the latest Revillagigedo voyage. Master southland angler Todd Phillips perfectly demonstrates the sentiment anglers feel throughout the process of capturing then releasing jumbo yellowfin tuna. The look on Todd's face as he pushes that 175# class tuna over the side is priceless. No sorrow, no pain, nothing but exuberance, triumph, and satisfaction. Another job well done. Kudos to Todd again for his incredible contributions to the success of the April 2010 Revillagigedo tagging project. Look for more tomorrow.

Tim Ekstrom

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