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The near record stretch of flat calm continues. That in itself is making for a splendid time of it. The whole setting is peaceful, relaxed, and very easy to enjoy and appreciate. On the fishing front we were not disappointed today. In fact, all of us had very good days with the percentage of two hundred pound fish exceptional relative to what was hooked.

We got off to good start with a handful of opportunities at great big ones just after daylight then, unlike the previous couple of days, were able to keep something on the end of the line throughout the morning. A shift in conditions, and a disappearing act by the fish around us elicited a mid day move, but the afternoon and evening came on again with a classic hit on big cows late to end the day on a high note. We are very pleased with the results that included one more behemoth three hundred thirty one pound brute for Miles Redman, six others from 202 to 292 pounds, and a handful of others that just missed the mark. In addition to our results in the hatch, the sign of these monsters was excellent with the main body showing itself for the first time since Saturday morning.

Needless to say we are mighty hopeful that they will follow today's example and stay in the biting mode tomorrow and beyond. One thing is certain based on what we have experienced here - especially over the past five days. There is no telling what is to come. Thus far every day has been almost completely different with the only consistent elements being the sign of fish and the weather. There is no predicting where to be other than the general vicinity, and no predicting what the pattern of the day will be. It makes for exciting times on the bridge to say the least as they appear determined to not make it easy. Regardless we will be here up for the challenge.

Photos of the day feature Miles Redman, who already graced the report a few days back but certainly earned an encore. The best part of Miles' exceptional catch is that the previous night, just after hitting the sack, he got up, headed back out on deck, and sought the assistance of crewman Blake Wasano to help him re rig. I don't recall the exact dialogue but it was something to the effect of " I can't sleep." "It is bothering me that this outfit is not ready and rigged like I want it for tomorrow." "Can you help me get set up?" Blake, who is a genius, meticulous tackle professional, took almost a full hour to replace Spectra, build a short top shot of Izorline 100# fluorocarbon, and prepare Miles for the day to come. Miles had a premonition of some sort. Right down to just before he got bit stating that "this bait is the one". When he did hook the giant, it absolutely smoked his Shimano Tiagra 30 leading to a full hour of the reel in the water on a backup out five to six hundred yards from Royal Star. It was an exemplary battle afterward that resulted in a significant victory for all of us, but none more than Miles who is presently on cloud nine; and rightly so. An extra comment about the Tiagra 30 is also in order as it preformed flawlessly after being submerged for over an hour. In over ten years of everyday use I have yet to see a Shimano Tiagra fail during a battle with a giant yellowfin. I have seen hundreds of yellowfin tuna over two hundred pounds, in every condition imaginable, put these reels to the ultimate test. In my opinion they are the best all round big fish equipment available today. Congratulations to Miles who earned his fish of a lifetime in every respect. Preparation, perseverance, and flawless execution when the time arrived. Like several other giant ones this season, this was not a "lucky" catch. This was a straight payoff for work performed. I love that. Well done.


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