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A few new developments to report today, the most important of which is the sign of both bluefin tuna and albacore reported by a vessel fishing 105 miles from San Diego yesterday. At mid afternoon it sounded like the boat landed in an area where there were several different spots of bluefin that showed little enthusiasm for biting, but laid under the hull for long periods of time. In addition, there was some yellowtail action on kelps in the same zone. Things are waking up - just in time for the two day departing tonight on Royal Star. We do have at least four spots available if any of you are interested. Capt. Brian Sims and Tracy will be in the office all day. Remember the all inclusive price of $400.00 includes complimentary filleting by the Royal Star crew. This is an incredible value to take advantage of.

Also in the new development category is the word on our first June five day that was scheduled to depart June 16th and return on June 21st. Though it was an incredible price, at a fantastic time of year, we finally threw in the towel and cancelled due to near zero interest. Though it is a huge disappointment for us to cancel a voyage with such fantastic potential, we now look forward to the new schedule that will include an additional set of two day trips based on the popularity of the May weekend voyages. Wednesday, June 16th - Friday, June 18th, and Friday, June 18th - Sunday, June 20th are the dates of the new two day voyages that will depart at 1900 hrs, and return at 1700 hrs. The all inclusive price is $475.00 for the 16th - 18th, and $495.00 for the 18th - 20th. With another full month for the offshore zones to develop, the potential for Bluefin tuna and Albacore on these voyages is superb. With a return time of 1700 hrs., Fish processing services from Fisherman's Processing will be available to anglers on these voyages. Filleting will also be available on board. With the popularity of the May two day trips I am enthusiastic about the opportunity for anglers to experience Royal Star on voyages of this duration. If either of these trips fit your schedule, and you would like to treat yourself to a first class fishing voyage on Royal Star, I urge you to call and book as soon as possible. Between the good offshore fishing that I feel is on the way, and this unique opportunity to fish with us on a shorter, mini long range, trip, I expect availability on these voyages to be limited in very short order. Speaking of limited, I forgot to mention that all Royal Star voyages are limited to 24 anglers. These new June two day voyages are a great opportunity and excellent values. Give Tracy or Brian a call to reserve a spot.

Finally, photos of the day are a little different. I have to admit that with the opening of Fisherman's Processing I am probably a little over the top in my enthusiasm. It is all new to me. And, I am filled with pride in the whole operation. Once anglers see the facility, and use the new service, I know they will understand the reason for my excitement. For a fish processing plant, and a representation of San Diego sport fishing, Fisherman's Processing is a home run. Any and all anglers arriving for voyages can easily drive by the new facility and take a quick tour as it is right on way to the San Diego landings. If you are inclined, visit the fishermansprocessing.com website for directions. It is worth an extra five or ten minutes to see what we are offering to all San Diego long range, local, and private boat fishermen.

Though not the best quality, the first two photos feature the inaugural batch of wahoo and yellowfin tuna to come out of the smoker at Fisherman's Processing. It is just smoked fish. But, we invested an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources to set up the smoking area following the strictest health codes and food industry standards. It was very rewarding to see the culmination of our efforts prepared by master smoke "chef's" Jorge and Pedro, who boast many years of experience from their long history with Anthony's. I can assure you that after some astute "quality control" this product tastes as good as it looks.

On the fishing end, I threw in one more photo of master angler Warren Sakamoto pulling on a jumbo in glorious conditions at Roca Partida. Have a great day and I hope you join us on Let's Talk Hookup tomorrow.

Tim Ekstrom

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