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While our first attempt in the morning was a flop, it ultimately resulted in a lucky find that provided clean offshore action on 18 - 25# yellowtail. Once again we were somewhat frustrated by the fact that the vast majority the meaty spots we approached did not bite like one would hope, but enough did that it made the effort well worthwhile. In addition, the surface show was epic adding a thrilling dimension to the action that occurred in continuing flat calm conditions. It was a pretty day to be on the ocean.

It was an equally pretty day to be fishing as the morning action dwindled prompting another move that led to satisfaction and success. Between the scenery, the action, and production, we could not ask for more. Any woes and worries lingering from the prior two days were erased by the entire setting today. We are grateful though we are not done by a long shot. As such, we are finally stopping the boat, dropping the hook, with plans to remain stationary as long as possible. Ultimately we will return to the offshore tuna pursuit. For now though, we are going with the bird in the hand.

Photos today feature two shots of the bow action while hitting spots of boiling yellowtail offshore. The first image features one of the many boilers itself. The second features angler Fred Lemay, and many others, tied into our quarry. As one can imagine, this situation was ripe for the long rods and surface iron. Fred did the occasion justice hooking his share, and then some on the plug. A good time was had by all.

Tim Ekstrom

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