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It stands to reason that if one continues to work at it, eventually the odds will come around. In this example am not necessarily referring to just catching fish. Dedicated effort, at least in my case, makes catches of fish for anglers the majority of the time. What I am referencing are those occasions when what one does, and how one does it, seems to just naturally fall into place. It is awfully nice when it happens that way. And, is the well deserved reward for those who spend the majority of the time earning it the opposite.

After what felt to me like an eternity, when every fish we landed was the result of pure grit and drive, we finally hit it right. Following another arduous day of fruitless offshore effort, we arrived in the promised land. One anchor job got it done. Epic yellowtail action on 16 - 25# fish with a surface show and voracious hoards of fish that scrubbed our memory clean of the agonizing lack of morning and mid day results.

Then, fat and happy with money in the bank, we took a long shot in search of variety. Premium grade yellowtail and white sea bass were the quarry. And premium grade yellowtail and white sea bass were found - and cooperated. I can not even begin to relate how refreshing, how cathartic this afternoon and evening have been. Two hours of wide open yellowtail action, then a nice scratch on 25 - 35# yellowtail and white sea bass. The day ended with another beginning. The sea bass were still biting as this report was being drafted. Look for tomorrow's report with the final details. It is feeling right. We are going to get some.

Photos today feature anglers enjoying the action just prior to sundown. Needless to say every angler was ready for full power at this point of the voyage. After the initial hit, that was admittedly more about production than joy, the relief valve tripped, and the fun part kicked in. It is funny how that is, but very consistent. After anglers put a few in the hatch, a palpable change occurs. Everyone unwinds and savors the whole picture. Here are a few pictures of anglers mid way through the process of unwinding.

Tim Ekstrom

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