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A seamless transition from leisure to action as we embarked a purposeful, experienced group
of anglers of whom all but one have previously graced the deck of Royal Star. Following
departure there was a definite flurry of rigging action but the pervasive sentiment heeded
the timeless young and old bull adage as the majority elected to relax, settle in , and
unwind; although I have to relate that at least a few individuals began unwinding, perhaps
even became unwound, before we ever arrived.

Ah the draw of the tropical sun and the warm sand; the radiant Agave vampires patrolling
the shore; such stark contrast, such immediate transition, so easily manifests the best and
the opposite. Such access, and liberty, occasionally elicits the unexpected from even the
conservative. And boy what a handful when it does. But all in good fun; this isn't our
first time visiting a foreign port, and provides an explanation for our ceaseless urgency
in departure.

Into the setting sun we sailed underway for the long awaited fishing portion of this
voyage. I haven't engaged yet in too much floral waxing but with any more travel time it
was certain to come. Grateful to be fishing soon look for tomorrow's report with opening
details. We will be looking, fishing, and with any luck catching in the afternoon and
beyond. Photos will soon follow.

Tim Ekstrom

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